Research governance

Research governance aims to ensure that research is high quality, safe and ethical. It is about the rules and procedures drawn up to make sure that all NHS and social care organisations (hospitals, GP practices, day centres etc) that are involved in research are aware of, and take responsibility for, all the research taking place.

Salford R+D is responsible for ensuring that any research taking place within Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust follows the law and is carried out to the highest standards, for our patients’ benefit. We ensure compliance with the UK Policy Framework for Research and Health Care Research  across Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Any research within Salford that uses NHS patients, their data or tissue, NHS staff, or premises or resources, must have NHS Permission, as well as the other required approvals (such as ethics) before it can start.

Research governance:

  • Sets out principles, requirements and standards for research and makes sure they are met
  • Describes monitoring and auditing arrangements
  • Improves research and safeguards the public by:
  • Enhances ethics and scientific quality
  • Promotes good practice
  • Reduces adverse incidents and ensuring that lessons are learned

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