Patients & Public

Our researchers are committed to improving healthcare for  patients.

Volunteers are an important part of research, whether that is as patients or members of the public .  We know that when research  is carried out with patients and members of the public involved, it  can  improve lives and lead to better healthcare.

Research is good for all of us – patients, clinicians, organisations and the whole of the population.

We want to increase awareness of, knowledge about and involvement in health research so that more patients are aware of the choices they can make.  In different research studies  there are often opportunities to be involved at different  stages of the process, from developing a research idea all the way to identifying how the research can benefit patients.

How to get involved

Images for Salford Royal Hospital taken on 12.03.12. Photographer: Phil Tragen

  • As a participant: You could be asked to take part in a research study as part of clinical trial for  a new treatment or procedure for your condition. If so, you will be given detailed information and time to decide whether or not to take part. You could also take part as what is known as a healthy volunteer or control – so that researchers are given information for comparison with people with specific conditions or illnesses. As with patients, you could be asked to complete a test, provide a sample or fill in a questionnaire.
  • Citizen Scientist has information on research studies that are looking for participants.
  • As an adviser: We also need people to support research by giving their views. This could be as part of a focus group, filling in a consultation online or being the public representative with a research  team. You might be asked to contribute to ideas about what types of research should be taken forward or to give an opinion on information sheets that are given to research patients, for example. Please check our events page for current opportunities.